Integrating SE with Geoportal Server... Can't get it to work :(

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Integrating SE with Geoportal Server... Can't get it to work :(

Greetings all,

While you are at the UC in SD, I'm trying to integrate SE with Geoportal Server (A4I) version, and having no luck at all.  After implementing the adapter for Geoportal (WEB-INF) and attempting log in as gpt admin, I get an error on the page saying:
"The page isn't redirecting properly"
 Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
I have followed the instructions for installing both SE & the connector to the letter, but I must be missing something...  the gpt logfile is showing the following server error:

12-Jul-2011 16:21:39 com.esri.gpt.framework.jsf.BaseActionListener handleException
SEVERE: Exception raised.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't load certificate and key with alias 'gpt-security' from keystore '/gpt/config/keystore.jks'! Unable to create resource URL for path: /gpt/config/keystore.jks

Somthing to note is that when I invoke the SE by itself:  http://<server>:8080/smarteditor   I get nothing, no errors, and just a blank page.

I'm using the download for SE best fitted for Geoportal v 1.1.
My platform is:
Windows 2008R2 std SP1 VM.
ArcGIS 10 Desktop & Server.
Tomcat 6.0.29.
PostgreSQL 8.4.5
Apache Directory services
Geoportal Server (version as included in ArcGIS for INSPIRE v1.0 SP1)

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide