Not able to Publish Metadata from SmartEditor to Geoportal

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Not able to Publish Metadata from SmartEditor to Geoportal


i´m getting to know the geoportal and the smarteditor in the last days. And I got some problems i like to tell you and ask about solutions.

1. The Configuration Guide says, that the smarteditor is directly activated as a seperate metadata editor. For me it wasn´t that case! When i read on this Guide, in chapter "How do I remove the smartEditor link from Administration tab", I should change some lines of code in the secondaryNavigation.jsp. But this attribute i should comment out even don´t exists! My file secondaryNavigation.xml even has abou 65 lines and I should change in line 109. For me, it seems that the Configuration Guide isn´t up to date, or do i maybe miss something?

2. I tried allready SmartEditor Version 1.2 and Version 2.1.6. With both versions I am not able to publish data into the geoportal. After the system told me, that the metadata is valid it redirects back to the editing Window after clicking "Publish now". The smarteditor-webapp.log is attached...

3. Also I get irregular Error messages like "ThreadLocale created" or "Iteration error". But I don´t see regular reasons for it...

4. Is there something like a Wiki/Documentation for the functions of the files in SmartEditor to faciliate the handling and customization? (except of the Installation, Configuration and User Guide´s)

5. Is an "ArcGIS Server Service" planned to integrate to the "Web Services" section of the SmartEditor?

Kind Regards